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Escorts in Dubai

UAE - fascinating country!

Many people dream to visit UAE, at least once in their lives. Upon entering this country, you find yourself in a world straight out of the most wonderful dreams. It is the most unique country in the entire world.It has no cities, instead being split into emirates. Each emirate showcasing something completely different. But the biggest one of them all-Dubai,holds the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa; world’s most advanced metro which requires no drivers to operate; Jumeirah and many other wonderful things. Dubai is constantly evolving, with countless ongoing new building projects, such as hotels and even islands. Many tourists visit Dubai to rest, sightsee, visit the infamous camel races, drive around the dessert, drive by to the Ferrari Park and sometimes even simply just sunbathe and swim in the sea.

However, UAE isn’t only welcome to tourists, as it also welcomes many foreign workers who chose to work in infrastructure sector, and any others. It is also well known that dubai escorts girls are a popular service provided in this country.Countless women from a plethora of countries aspire to travel to United Arab Emirates in an effort to find jobs and worthy men whilst they are at it. This need of theirs is supported by escort agencies, which hire escorts dubai. This job is very well paid and therefore has a high demand in Emirates.

Escorts dubai is especially popular in large emirates, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.They also, however offer their services in Adzhman, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah.

Cost of services

Escorts in dubai usually live in urban areas, particularly hotels, and are prepared to host men at their places. The price of such service is 1500 AED per hour. They are also able to visit you at your place if that is more convenient, and the cost of this service stands at 1700 AED+ the cost of taxi transportation. If you don’t have that much time, 30 minute service is also available, and will cost you just 1000 AED. Dubai is known for its progressive service, where a women is able to escort you to any formal or non-formal meetings, as well as any parties and other events of your choice.You even have an ability to book a girl for overnight/day, if you so wish.

Escorts Abu Dhabi also has a high demand. The cost of services is the same as the one in Dubai. Girls here also live in hotels, and are able to either host you or visit your hotel if that is more convenient. Massage and extra services are particularly popular in Abu Dhabi. Many beautiful models actually love working in pairs.In order to agree on any extra services, you can always contact our agency. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

UAEmensclub agency

All of our dubai escort girls are very good looking. They are young, chatty and well educated.All of them posses a good level of English Language and can easily accompany you to any formal meeting, lunch or simply have a heartfelt one on one chat with you, if you so desire. All of our escorts are 100% real.

In our agency you will find girls for any taste. Blondes or brunettes, tall or short, thin or curvy.We have girls from a plethora of countries such as: Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Armenia, Turkey and many others. Each one of them prepared to provide you with the top quality service that you deserve!

Our agency UAEmensclub is grateful for each customer, call and message us at any time.We guarantee great service provided by our beautiful escort girls.

Continue your fairytale-like experience of Dubai, and if you ever want to experience something new-order our escort service.